10 Smartest Kids in the World

Every parent dreams about having a talented and smart kid. There are a lot of ways to develop mental abilities in your child, however untutored intellect is given from birth. We made up a list of the smartest kids in the world, whose intellectual abilities were proved in the weekly Olympiads held by Brilliant website. Let’s take a look at the kids who manage to do sums per second.

Smartest Teens in the World

Phoebe Cai  Smartest Teen

Phoebe Cai Smartest Teen



Phoebe Cai (15 years old, USA)

While being a high school student, Cai already works as a research assistant at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. She is a reiterated winner of different math Olympiads and competitions. In the future Cai plans to study science.




Dylan Toh  Smartest Teen

Dylan Toh Smartest Teen


Dylan Toh (12 years old, Singapore)

Since childhood Dylan Toh had an insatiable craving for knowledge. At the age of 12 Toh was taught material intended for junior school students. Thanks to the Brilliant website, he matched with a mentor from University of Michigan, who evaluated his abilities to be excellent enough to obtain a scholarship at leading American universities. Toh’s sphere of interests include mathematics, robotics and table tennis.




Tadewos Abiye Getachew  Smartest Teen

Tadewos Abiye Getachew Smartest Teen


Tadewos Abiye Getachew (17 years old, Ethiopia)

Tadewos is a developer of a software program called Cognitosoft intended for country-side students that is supposed to teach them computer science, math and physics. This program is being distributed free of charge thanks to the sponsors’ assistance. Getachew is a winner of the Gibson School Systems World Math Day competition. He dreams about obtaining a degree in computer science and math.



Inderjit Kaur Smartest Teen

Inderjit Kaur Smartest Teen


Inderjit Kaur (16 years old, Malaysia)

Besides excellent academic performance, Kaur can boast achievements in producing robots. She was a leader of a team that won the first place in the International Symposium on Robotics and Intelligent Sensors, where they presented a Nanny Robot, which detects a child’s status with the help of sensors that measure child’s sounds level and temperature. Kaur plans to get a degree in neuroscience from a US university and keep working on humanoid robotics.




Joey Hudy  Smartest Kid

Joey Hudy Smartest Teen


Joey Hudy (16 years old, USA)

Who can boast a handshake with the President of the United States? Joey Hudy can. Moreover, he received a lot of awards from his engineering creations, including the one from the Sun Valley Solar Ultimate Challenge. He obtained it for constructing a solar powered computer. Moreover, he runs his own business – selling one of his creations Shields online. Next year Hudy will graduate from the Herberger Young Scholars Academy at Arizona State University and dreams about becoming an electrical engineer.


Nur Muhammad Shafiullah  Smartest Kid

Nur Muhammad Shafiullah Smartest Teen



Nur Muhammad Shafiullah (15 years old, Bangladesh)

He is the youngest participant in the International Mathematical Olympiad (a bronze medal winner) and in the International Olympiad in Informatics. Besides that, Shafiullah teaches at math-specialized camps and is a moderator of math forum for students. Nur wants to study computer science or biology at a foreign college.



Kensen Shi  Smartest Teen

Kensen Shi Smartest Teen


Kensen Shi (17 years old, USA)

Kense is a winner of the national Siemens Competitions in Math, Science and Technology. There he presented the Lazy Toggle PRM project, which is an effective system of motion planning that could be utilized in animation, robotics and games. Moreover, he is a talented pianist, two times winner of the National Piano Audition from the National Guild of Piano Teachers. By graduating from the high school, Kense wants to study computer science in Stanford University.



Raghav Sood  Smartest Teen

Raghav Sood Smartest Teen



Raghav Sood (15 years old, India)

At the age of 9, Raghav studied HTML, CSS and Javascript by himself. Later he studied mobile platforms and today is the founder and CEO of Appaholics LLC. Moreover, in 2012 he published a book named “Pro Android Augmented Reality”. Today Raghav is an author of several Android and Blackberry apps. He dreams about majoring at artificial intelligence.




Lawrence Sun Smartest Teen

Lawrence Sun Smartest Teen



Lawrence Sun (16 years old, USA)

Next year Sun will become a student of MIT. He was chosen to be a member of the 2012 United States Physics Team and was a captain of a winning team in the 2013 Winter Online Math Open. Sun wants to study physics, computer science or math at MIT.



Farrell Wu  Smartest Teen

Farrell Wu Smartest Teen



Farrell Wu (12 years old, Philippines)

Farrell started doing sums when he was one, at the age of three he was trading stocks. The previous year Wu, who was 12 years old, won a bronze medal in the Philippines Mathematical Olympiad. Wu dreams about becoming a banker after obtaining a degree in math.