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Bedtime story Book Child Mother Reading book Teddy

Evolving Your Kid Through Fairy Tale

The first story our kids learn is a fairy tale. Every mom knows the importance of reading the fairy tales together with her kids. It’s not only about the development…

A yellow elephant bookcase looks good in kid's rooms

6 Cool Bookcase Ideas for A Smart Kid’s Room

Books and reading are essential at all stages of your kid’s cognitive and language development, so the sooner you have a bookcase or bookshelf in your kid’s room, the better….

Activites boost a child's cognitive development and make kids brainy and gifted

Activities That Boost Your Kid’s Cognitive Development (0-24 months)

Every parent wants their child to be brainy and gifted. While growing a child undergoes several stages of development. Every kid’s development is multidimensional and includes such aspects, as cognitive…

How to develop attention and self-control skills in kids

How to Make Your Kid More Attentive

Every mom knows how difficult it is sometimes to make your child focus on the activity, subject or process. As any other character quality, attentiveness can be taught and developed….

Ways to Raise Genius Kid: Girl Playing Computer Games

Other Ways to Raise Genius Kid

Kid’s brain development is a result of neurological connections, which stimulation promotes creating of new ones. Thanks to these connections you kid will become smart and talented. Keep in mind…

Guide on Raising Smart Kid: Mom Cuddling Kid

Guide on Raising Smart and Talented Kid

Being a parent is a hard thing. Set of parents’ responsibilities includes feeding, bathing, changing, baby-rocking, reading, playing and many other duties that occupy you from the early morning till…