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Family time and freedom mean a lot for children, says Slow Parenting

Unconventional Upbringing: 5 Methods You Did Not Know You Were Using

Have you ever thought how conventional, or rather, unconventional your own parenting method is? Upbringing is a challenging thing for every parent with no book or guide to tell you…

Doll play is important for boys' development

Why Boys (As Well As Girls) Should Play With Dolls

Most girls play with dolls. Doll play is probably the favorite and most popular activity with little girls. However, if you have a little boy, don’t think that playing with…

Guide on Raising Smart Kid: Mom Cuddling Kid

Guide on Raising Smart and Talented Kid

Being a parent is a hard thing. Set of parents’ responsibilities includes feeding, bathing, changing, baby-rocking, reading, playing and many other duties that occupy you from the early morning till…