Tips on Analyzing Your Childrens’ Drawings

Child drawing a picture

Child drawing a picture

The childrens’ drawing tells a lot about their feelings, relationships they have with people around, self-esteem and intellectual problems. Psychologists consider drawings as a very informative method of getting to know their little clients. It is very important to use art-therapy when working with kids, since very often your child is not able to tell everything that bothers him.

In 1887 Corrado Ricci published his work called “Children’s Art”, where he pointed out the correlation of the child’s manner of drawing with some of his personal characteristics. Nowadays psychologists apply art-therapy as one of the best ways to determine the most important characteristics about the kids they work with. In most of the cases when a consulting psychologist asks to draw something the kids of the grown up clients (parents), he sees lots of mismatching things in between what he heard from the parents a couple minutes ago and what he sees on the drawing of their child. The most popular test is called “Draw your family”- I would call it the best and one of the most useful ways to investigate the real mental status of your child.

This method can also be very useful for parents. If you suddenly observe your kid behaving different unexpectedly, for instance more aggressive or introspective, take a look at his drawings. Even if you will not see a clear answer to your question, you will anyways see something that can give you a clue.

"Draw a Family" is the most popular drawing test for kids

“Draw a Family” is the most popular drawing test for kids

Tips to Interpret Your Kids’ Drawing from Psychological Point of View

Here are some of the simplest ways that will help you interpret drawings of your child. If the child draws himself in the center and places his parents on the edge, that means he considers himself as the main person in the family. There is nothing to worry about in this case. It is a bad sign when a child draws just himself, without family members. This most likely means he feels himself very lonely. Pay particular attention to the person your child puts next to himself on the image. This individual is regarded as the “chief of the household”. If your child doesn’t want to put on his picture someone from the family, most likely he is very offended with this person.

Kid's drawing of family

Kid’s drawing of family

Very often kids draw their family members holding their hands together – it is a good sign of a friendly environment in the house. When your kid feels that his parents are going through some conflicts, he will most likely place them far from each other on the picture, maybe he will even draw some obstacles in between them.

Toddlers draw pictures

Toddlers draw pictures

When your child draws someone without a mouth, with excessively long hands or handless person, it might signify that this someone is being too strict with your child and yells too much.

Very long legs are a sign of your child’s independence.

The people your child loves very much will be drawn in the same colors as your child on the picture.

If your youngster is quite happy and feels comfortable, his drawing will have lots of warm and bright colors.

Girl drawing on the wall

Girl drawing on the wall