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A boy working individually in a Montessori classroom

5 Things Every Parent Should Know About The Montessori Method

You have probably heard of the Montessori Method, a theory of alternative education with millions of followers around the world. When it comes to educational methods it’s always difficult to…

Kieron Williamson - youngest painter in the UK

Art Genius Kieron Williamson: 10 Year Old ‘Mini Monet’

  This 10 year old boy from Norfolk, England, first became a worldwide art sensation in 2009 when his first exhibition sold out in 14 minutes. Now, four years since…

A child genius

3 Main Disadvantages of Being A Genius

Have you ever wanted to be a so called ‘wunderkind’? Once dreamed of having a super gifted kid? Or maybe you got so lucky to have this dream come true?…

Guide on Raising Smart Kid: Mom Cuddling Kid

Guide on Raising Smart and Talented Kid

Being a parent is a hard thing. Set of parents’ responsibilities includes feeding, bathing, changing, baby-rocking, reading, playing and many other duties that occupy you from the early morning till…

Smart Boy

10 Smartest Kids in the World

Every parent dreams about having a talented and smart kid. There are a lot of ways to develop mental abilities in your child, however untutored intellect is given from birth….

Elisa Tan Roberts- Smartest Preschool Girl

Meet the World’s Smartest Preschooler – Elise Tan Roberts

All parents tend to think that their children are unique, talented and utterly smart, however, only Elise Tan Roberts’ parents can officially prove that. Elise Tan-Roberts holds the title of…