Art Genius Kieron Williamson: 10 Year Old ‘Mini Monet’


Kieron Williamson - youngest painter in the UK

10 year old art genius Kieron Williamson

This 10 year old boy from Norfolk, England, first became a worldwide art sensation in 2009 when his first exhibition sold out in 14 minutes. Now, four years since that day Kieron Williamson is still immensely popular among art lovers, as his newest paintings sold out in 20 minutes 10 days ago.

Kieron is known in art world for his beautiful oil landscapes and pastels. He started painting five years ago and has hugely improved his technique and evolved his style, still keeping it trademark.

Taking into account his tender age it may seem that Kieron’s international success and recognition as a commercially successful painter (his paintings have already brought him over $2million) is all about his pushy parents exploiting his natural talents and depriving the kid of happy and carefree childhood. And though it may seem so, it is not true, according to Kieron and his family. His parents, Michelle and Keith, first noticed Kieron’s interest in drawing when he was five. They chose to let him develop his new ability and enjoy the process. Being studios and self-motivated, Kieron started spending all of his free time with a sketch pad that he asked his parents to buy for him. Though being absorbed in painting and drawing he still did well at school and found time to play football with friends.

“We don’t put any pressure on him. You can’t get Kieron to do anything he doesn’t want to do!” says his mom Michelle.


Once Kieron’s parents realized their son had real passion (and talent) for drawing and painting they turned for help to local galleries and artists – Kieron started taking lessons from painters and participating in various exhibitions and art competitions.


Kieron Williamson is painting his new masterpiece

Kieron Williamson is the youngest renown British painter

Right before becoming a global art phenomenon and having his first ever exhibition of 19 paintings that sold out 14 minutes, Kieron earned money by making pet portraits. During the next five exhibitions he sold another 90 oils, pastels and watercolors.

“Kieron’s paintings continue to be overwhelming and quite incredible. I have seen him evolve and there has been a measured improvement in his work over the last year. He now seems to have elevated himself to another level. There is more confidence in his brush strokes,” says Adrian Hill, the gallery manager who oversaw the exhibition earlier this month. “The recognition from art critics and fine artists is absolutely remarkable. People just cannot believe that he is producing work like he does and he is still only ten years old.”


And though Kieron wakes up at 6am every morning to paint before school, his parents say he’s just a regular boy who loves playing football and games console. However, they have decided to have him home-schooled so he can spend more time painting.

“We have not got a problem with him being at home because he is so self-motivated,” said Kieron’s father Keith Williamson. “He is a bright lad and we expect to fast-track him his GCSEs when he is 13 or 14.”

Incredible as it seems, this boy who started by coloring in dinosaurs which his parents had drawn for him, is now considered “the future of oil painting in the UK.”

An oil lansdcape painting by Kieron Williamson

Kieron is known for beautiful oils, watercolors and pastels

A landscape by Kieron Williamson

Kieron’s newest paintings were sold out in 20 minutes

Paintings by Kieron Williamson

Kieron Williamson’s landscapes are a hit among art lovers