Activities That Boost Your Kid’s Cognitive Development (0-24 months)

Activites boost a child's cognitive development and make kids brainy and gifted

Cognitive development begins in infancy

Every parent wants their child to be brainy and gifted. While growing a child undergoes several stages of development. Every kid’s development is multidimensional and includes such aspects, as cognitive development, language development, emotional and physical development, and development of social skills.

As a rule, parents pay special attention to their kid’s cognitive development, which includes the development of intelligence, conscious thought, and problem-solving ability. Cognitive development begins in infancy.

There are games and age-appropriate activities that can help you boost your kid’s cognitive development.

Activities that enhance cognitive development


Cognitive development activities are divided into groups, according to your child’s age:

0-3 months

Sound making toys boost cognitive development in kids aged 0-3 months

Sound making toys are good for kids aged 0-3 months

  • Talk to your baby – Mom’s cheerful voice is music to your baby’s ears
  • Read to your baby – Show your child colorful picture books, name the things your baby might see
  • Sing to your baby, listen to music together
  • Have a Mobile above the baby’s crib/changing table and hang an unbreakable mirror in the crib, so that your baby can see their own face and movements
  • Have toys that make different sounds and noise, let your baby hit a toy to make a sound

3-6 months

Multi-textured toys for smart kids

Toys made of different textures boost cognitive development in kids aged 3-6 months

  • Read to your baby
  • Talk to your baby, tell about your day, maintaining eye contact
  • Have an unbreakable mirror in the crib or at the changing table so that your baby can see their own face and movements
  • Introduce your baby to new sounds and do not forget about noisy toys
  • Introduce your baby to new textures so that the baby can feel  them with fingers or put in the mouth (make sure the textures are easy to clean)
  • Name things and people that surround your baby
  • Give names to your baby’s favorite toys.

6-9 months

Activites and games that help cognitive development of babies aged 3-6 months

Letting your baby make new discoveries is good for their cognitive development

  • Stimulate your baby’s senses – introduce your child to new sounds, textures, objects and smells
  • Let your baby make their own discoveries (make sure the space is kids-safe)
  • Have a toy box with objects of different sizes, made of different materials and serving for different purposes (e.g. blocks vs a humming top)
  • Play hide and seek (partially hide an object under a blanket and ask your baby to find it)
  • Play cause and effect games, like filling a box with sand and dumping it out
  • Read to your baby

9-12 months

Nesting toys help devevelop cognitive skills in little children

Nesting toys can be introduced at the age of 9-12 months

  • Introduce your baby to simple puzzles, don’t worry if at first your child can’t fit pieces together
  • Ask simple questions, like ‘Where is your nose? Where is granny?’
  • Introduce your baby to nesting toys
  • Have toys that can make different movements, so that you baby learns about up and down, right and left, etc
  • Play hide and seek using your baby’s toys
  • Read to your baby, describe and name things you see in pictures

12-18 months

Reading books boosts cognitive development in little children

Reading books is a means of cognitive development for toddlers aged 12-18 months

  • Every now and then introduce your toddler to new toys to play with
  • Read  books together
  • Find the things you see in books in your house
  • Encourage your child to dance and make music with pans, pots, etc
  • Point out shapes and colors when you talk to your toddler
  • Talk about things, events and people your kid remembers
  • Give your toddler simple directions, like to pick, bring or find something

18-24 months

The ABCs helps develop kid's cognitive skills at the age of 18-24 months

Early introduction of the ABCs is good for a kid’s cognitive development

  • Introduce your toddler to the ABCs
  • Point out shapes, colors and numbers when you talk to your toddler
  • Count together, count everything
  • Encourage your toddler to identify noises they hear
  • Give your child freedom of choice – let you toddler choose what to wear, what book to read, which way to go, etc
  • Sing songs, dance and listen to music together. Make a playlist of songs your toddler likes to listen to