6 Cool Bookcase Ideas for A Smart Kid’s Room

Books and reading are essential at all stages of your kid’s cognitive and language development, so the sooner you have a bookcase or bookshelf in your kid’s room, the better. My daughter is almost two years old, and we only have a little shelf for her books in the room, while I’m dreaming of an adequate bookcase that could be both functional and beautiful. Below are some of the kid’s room bookcase ideas that I’ve recently discovered.

Kid’s Room Bookcase Ideas


A map bookcase

A bookcase made in a form of the US political map is an example of a functional kid's room bookcase design

A map bookcase

I really love this bookcase design. It’s nice when your child knows a thing or two about geography, so having the US political map and a bookcase brought together in one furniture item is pretty functional and space-saving.

A tree bookcase

Tree bookcase design is great for a smart kid's bedroom

A tree bookcase

You have probably seen this bookcase design before and I believe it’s perfect for a kid’s room as it is fun, functional and beautiful. This tree design not only helps your kid learn more about arranging things but also contributes to developing their imagination.

Bed + bookcase

Bookshelves make a regular bed a special piece of kid's room furniture

Bookshelves as a part of your kid’s bed

When you don’t have enough room to have a big bookcase in your kid’s room, having a couple of bookshelves incorporated in the bed’s design could be a way out. The only disadvantage of this design is short bookshelves while the fact that the bookshelves are at your kid’s eye level or slightly below it, makes it easy for the child to reach to pick a book.

A curved bookcase

A curved bookcase is a fun addition to your kid's room decor

A curved bookcase for a kid’s room

Though this bookcase design might appear a little inappropriate for a kid’s room, it’s still a great example of a fashionable bookshelf with a modern twist. What I like about this bookcase is that it can also be used as a bench or chair for your child to sit down on to read a favorite book.

A newsstand bookcase


A newsstand bookcase ca be used in any kid's room

A newsstand style bookcase

That’s probably my favorite bookcase idea, considering my daughter’s age. The newsstand style bookcase is great for kids who are still unable to read, as instead of picking a book by the name written on the back, they can see the cover of every book, which makes it easier to choose. This bookcase is pretty small so it’s easy for a child to reach the highest “shelf” and get absolutely any book to read.

An elephant bookcase


A yellow elephant bookcase looks good in kid's rooms

An elephant bookcase

This brightly colored bookcase is a great thing for young readers who yet have very few favorite books to choose from. Also, this kind of a bookcase can become an integrated piece of furniture in animal themed kid’s rooms. And though this bookcase is not very functional, it’s fun, original and really cute. And once it becomes too small for all the books you child has, you can still use it as a shelf for magazines, files, and other things.